We sell used engines and gearboxes checked and rebuilt, new replacements cars pieces 0km ready to delivery for cars, vans and trucks.


Who we are

Garage1 Warehouse

We sell used engines, rebuilt, new replacement cars pieces and 0km ready to delivery

GARAGE 1 buys used or wrecked vehicles such as cars,trucks and jeeps to recover them to recover them through a carefully quality inspection test.

The engine, the heart of any vehicle, is our speciality .

Diesel, petrol, turbo or aspirated engines are the items we’ve been working more with, since 1980 with our care and passion.
Our inspection and quality test are our success key : what we underlie is the recovery process since the moment the used engine arrives until he will be reassembled.
Checks makes the difference.

Our customers require a guarantee product, strictly controlled in any part.
We spend most of our times to check the engines ready to delivery because they represents our satisfaction.

Realize that customers and garages assembly our motors understands our passion, it’s for us element of satisfaction.
Garage shops can directly get in touch with the fruit of our work at any time they assembly one of our products.

Details make the difference.
Customer assistance is our strenghtness: for any question don’t hesitate to contact us, our specialized staff will provide all the technical details about what you bought and what you are interested to.

This is Garage1 policy: Quality before prices.

After the first preliminary tests, the engine is carefully removed from the car and stored in our computerized warehouse.
Further tests will be processed before the selling and delivery time.

GARAGE 1 covers a 5000mq. area and works along any part of Italy.Since 1982 it Garage1 grows up developing the import-export activity : new, used and recovered engines sold at any part of the world.

Our store includes almost 2000 items, used and new motors.
We have garages where we repairs area where we dismantle and test the products we are going to sell.
Our staff is strictly dedicated to the care of the customer needs; due to a 40 years long experience with cars, we are leader to the management and testing of new and used engines.

We are a long experienced reality on the foreign international trading of the replacement vehicles pieces, our products live all the processes until the selling: dismantling, registration, trial test, cleaning and controls carefully performed.

We delivery used engines for cars, trucks and jeeps all over Italy and Europe with parcels.
We usually plan the delivery and upload a 20 feet container with used engines (full accessorized )in a week. The 40feet container will be delivered in 2 weeks.

Our warehouse is fully furnished of European, American, Japanese and Corean brands petrol and diesel feed.


Garage1: history

Garage1 was born in 1995, when Antonio Cecconi established his first debris warehouse.

Since 1970, he already had a great warehouse and a car deposit where he could reenhance the pieces of the cars.

In the 1980 the trade name shifted in GARAGE1 di Cecconi Antonio. The activity focused on the selling and checking of cars pieces with a particular attention to the engine. The used engines become GARAGE1 main product.

The first engines were been sold in Italy and abroad.

Garage1 quickly becomes a reference point for the engines and the mechanic parts sales.

On 1992 Cecconi Pancrazio took the lead and the trade name became GARAGE1 di Cecconi Pancrazio e C. S.n.c.

Since 1992 the sales of new, used and rebored engines grow up on a national and international level.

On 1999, the passion for our work led us to be focused on reach the real goal we believe to: the quality of the product.

The long lasting vision of Pancrazio Cecconi, owner of GARAGE1, turns around the attention and the care of the products.

Although the rising level of the trade competition we still can make the difference when we sell and delivery a product.

Our products must be different from the other ones. When we delivery our product to a workshop it must be different from a product of other providers.

We don’t take nothing for granted and we know that details make the difference. Since the beginning, our customers, in Italy and in foreign countries, have been still giving us satisfaction.


Keep in mind… if you need a fully furnished new or used engine, or other cars replacement pieces, we kindly wait your calling and our experienced staff will be available to inform you about all the technical details required .