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Audi … They created the first petrol 5 cylinder engine 136 HP on September 1975.

Today, using the same number of cylinder Audi reached the model TT RS HP 360.
AUDI celebrates its 40 years of activity with a great result.

The electronic system, the injection, new materials and the new technologies helped Audi to move steps forward.

We know that a odd cylinder engine needs to be better balanced, the vibrations are different than a engine with an equal number one, but Audi is always on the top even if these kind of trouble exists.

On 1978, AUDI created the first petrol feed 5 cylinder engine AUDI HP.

The more powerful is the engine, the more adaptable is the 5 cylinder.

Today many European cars industries adopted the same Audi system, both fuel oil and gasoline.

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