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One of the priorities we have is make our car lasts as more as possibile, ensuring a long life.
Ensuring a long life to your car means, first of all, take care about its heart: the engine.

Prevention is the best therapy for your car and allows us to save money.
Maintenance of your car, especially engine and gearshift, represents the key of the success.

Prevention means a series of checking steps to avoid expensive repairs.

GARAGE1 always advise customers to keep under control the level of the fluid to the 3 main parts of the car: the motor oil, the cooling system and the fluid to the heater.

It’s also recommended check other levels: brake, the water level inside the battery, the tyre pressure.
It would be always useful do the check before a long travel, or, at least, every 2 or 3 weeks. This steps allows to repair from unpredictable [...]

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